Do you wish your home felt more "homey"?

Before and After Photos
This child's bedroom (right) needed to transform into a young girl's bedroom (pictured above) that would also be suitable for adult guests.

Do you like what you own,  like your home, but it just doesn't feel "right" to you?  Are you  adding a family member...a baby or a parent...and can't decide how to rethink your house to accomodate that change?  Or perhaps your child is heading off to college and you want to redesign a bedroom to function as a much needed guestroom?  You might not need the full services of an interior designer but could use a room rearrange and some  "perking" with accessories,  to help you reinvent the way you are using your home.  Laurie can help you incorporate what you already have and recreate magic right inside your own four walls.