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Golf Tournament Staging

For the past 20 years, Laurie Easterlin has been the tournament preparation guru and author of the definitive weekly guide for preparing your house to be at its best for a rental.  
If you are new to the rental market, hope to break into the market or just need help staging and preparing your home as a golf rental, Laurie can make a house call and create a room by room plan to assist you in setting up your home as a sought after golf rental.  
Buying a new home?  Laurie can help you choose the best initial purchases and room arrangements for becoming a tournament rental in the future, while keeping the needs for your family in mind.

See the link below to schedule a 

house call. 

Home Staging/Augusta, Georgia,  Home Staging/ Evans, Georgia,  Home Staging/Martinez, Georgia,

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If you'd like to schedule a house call, please email me HERE.  House calls include a detailed walk through followed by a written report of suggestions to place your home in the most marketable position, and a copy of "So You're Renting Your House for the Tournament".  House calls range from 200.00 - 350.00, depending on the size and location of the home.

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