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Real Estate Staging

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Would YOUR home garner an online date?  Feel free to contact me for a pre-listing walk-through and staging report.

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Years ago, the only way to see available homes was to have your realtor drive you to each home.  Now, buyers sort through pictures on the internet and ask their realtor to show them homes that speak to them.


Will your home pass the online inspection?






What is staging?  As a professional stager, I have the ability to see your house through your buyer's eyes.   I will walk through your home, taking notes and creating a plan to highlight the best features of your home.  I will do a one hour home visit for 350.00 and includes a video lesson specific to your home. Remember,  buyers tend to spend 40% more time in a staged home.  

I currently AM staging for realtors and their clients again, should you have that need. 

Laurie Easterlin is a realtor with Keller-Williams, a professional stager, and a Masters preparation specialist.  

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Typical Costs for Home Staging: 

My initial consultation is 350.00.  At that point, I will walk through your home, writing down all changes I would suggest with your current belongings, any suggested purchases which would change the feel of a room, and any edits or additions that could enhance each room.  If the client would like me to do further work, a contract and pricing would be issued at that point.

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