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Downsizing?   Moving?

     Whether you are an empty nester, wishing to settle into a smaller place and gain more freedom or you've inherited your mother's home and simply don't know where to start, moving and downsizing management gives you the tools to make this as painless as possible.  Owner, Laurie Easterlin, moved 17 times in her adult life and employs some of the best tips and tricks of the trade, enabling an easy transition.  Services may include creating a floor plan and survey of what is going to the new place, assisting with donating, selling, or gifting items, and space planning for the new home.  If the task seems overwhelming, some gentle guidance and proven organizational systems can help put confusing tasks into a manageable system.   The emotional aspects of downsizing can also have creative solutions such as:
- Emailing photos of family heirlooms to the larger family for disbursement.
-Creating photobooks of the larger home and its collections.
- Finding the most suitable places for gifting belongings.

Whatever your needs, Staged to a Tee can turn a daunting experience into a freeing journey.

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