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It's Time to List Your Home!

August is the time to sit down and fill out the rental applications that will open the door to Masters rentals next April. You will find a list of reliable agents who rent homes during Masters. It's a good idea to list your home in several places, in order to broaden the chances that your home will rent. Be sure to take good pictures of your home while your summer flowers are still in bloom and your yard is green and welcoming. Take note of the times that each room in your house gets the most favorable light. You will find that morning or late afternoon are usually preferable to midday's harsh lighting. Remember, you want potential renters to see a warm and welcoming set of pictures. We'll talk more about pictures next week, so start the rest of your application homework this week, so you'll be set and ready to upload with our next blog post.

Rental agencies I have listed with:

The Masters Housing Bureau

1 Tenth Street, #120

Augusta, Georgia 30901


The Masters Housing Bureau is sanctioned

by the Augusta National Golf Club.

Tournament Housing

Physical Location:

607 Fury’s Ferry Road

Martinez, GA 30907

Mailing Address:

339 Fury’s Ferry Road, Suite 3

Martinez, GA 30907


Corporate Quarters

332 Baston Road

Martinez, Georgia 30907



(Be wary of using Craigslist or listing with companies that do not have a presence/office/representative in Augusta. Your home is too valuable to assume that risk.)


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