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Sold in HOURS

One of my favorite jobs is to help extremely busy families create beautiful sellable spaces. This lovely family is made up of high powered parents and active young children. They were too busy to prepare their home for the telltale listing photos. But they were wonderful at taking direction and understanding the need for painting and staging. Imagine my delight when the owners called to say the house had come under contract in the first few hours of going live on the internet. Furthermore? The buyer put it under contract from another state, based on the photos she saw online. If this is not a nod to the importance of staging your home, I don't know what is!

Below you can see the original formal living room. This is the first room one sees upon entering the home. The walls, lighting, and decor were all changed for the staging. I was able to use most of what they owned, simply pulling forward what worked best.

This before shot is overly cluttered and much too color specific.

A much more serene and welcoming space was created.

This kitchen, pictured below, was the piling place for this busy family.

With a good bit of reorganization, it found its true beauty.

These sellers were very agreeable to hire a painter to change the colors of rooms to more welcoming colors. After a great deal of organization and packing occurred, accessories such as pillows and towels, art and outdoor plants and accessories were purchased to complete the look.

To see more before and after pictures, click HERE.

Although not every home will sell in hours, creating a space which a photographer can capture well, one that is clean, organized and welcoming, will certainly draw more people to your home. Remember, photos are going out to thousands of buyers, in many states and countries. Put your house in the best possible position for a sale. In the long run, a few thousand spent on staging prior to online photographs, may save you tens of thousands in the end.

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