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Tournament Terror

This week, my friend Suzie asked friends to share their tournament prep disaster stories. I must say, I was falling over laughing at the crazy last minute horror stories of renters in preparation. Suzie was stunned to watch her refrigerator shelf burst into a million pieces as she cleaned it. Amazon promises to deliver another this weekend, but friends suggested quick fixes with plexiglass. My fingers are crossed FOR her.

If you've never rented? You just don't know the terror of that last week. If you are renting? You likely share the moment in time point that my friends are currently reporting...Our house is in that "looks-like-a-hurricane-hit" stage of having your personal things not quite ready to put away while having boxes and baskets of renter items all over the place.

Commenters on Suzie's site were sharing stories of a teen driving through the fence (who can fix that in three days?), hvac systems going out, washers and dryers deciding to "go on vacation", etc... I added my own horror...the year I decided to lessen my stress by moving my family out a day early and sleeping at our farm. I came into town that morning to water the front porch plants and tiptoe around my house to be sure all was perfect. Somehow I popped the hose down after watering the porch in a way where it was pointing INSIDE the house and running full blast. As I rounded the corner of the hallway, I was stunned to see water all over the hall and living room, dripping as high up as the light fixtures . And the year the washer decided to burst from its hosing one day prior to renting, and I returned home, from shopping, to inches of water on the floor. Or the year I got to the beach and realized ALL of my sundresses were still at home, piled on my bed. A quick call to a friend, (begging her to tiptoe, sock footed, through my perfect house), got the dresses back in my closet.

Suzie's post responders also shared one of the strangest stories....somehow the renters from next door confused the houses and when the actual renters arrived, they found the belongings of the other renters all through the house. The owner had to switch things for the erroneous renters as the renters were on the course, no phones allowed.

I had a year when the renters arrived while we were still in bed. Their check in was at noon. But they thought it would be fine to drop their suitcases at 730 am. They had the code and there they were, standing in my house while I was in my nightgown. ( Uhhhhhh, What's happening?) And another friend told me she was house sitting for neighbors on vacation when renters knocked at her door and insisted they were renting that house. She asked to see the listing and although the exterior was correct? The interior did not match. She wished them well and sent them on their way to find housing elsewhere.

I do recommend locking your doors this coming week as addresses are often miscommunicated or visitors are too excited to carefully read address signs. It is a fun time. Augusta never looks better than this week as even those who aren't renting are fixing up and getting in the spirit. It is a beautiful time to host family, to enjoy the National, to sit home on the porch with a mint julep and watch it on tv. We live in a special place.

To those of you who are renting? Chin up. And remember, no one's life is on the line. If it goes a bit wonky? Do your best. Leave a note, Take a breath. You are human. As are your renters. Enjoy Masters week! Soon you will return to a most beautiful home, prepared perfectly for your family. Keep calm and prep on!


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