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Time to Organize and Plan!

It's February! It's the best month to tackle your work indoors and really review your home, jotting down any items that may need outside attention. Start by picking up a pad and paper and going room to room. Is everything in working order? If you have rooms you don't use, flip on lights, open the blinds, look at the vents, check the paint for chipping, etc... This is the time to get a repair person on your schedule to fix the things that your family has lived with during the last few holiday months. Do you have a finicky commode that only you know how to flush correctly? Does your sink faucet leak if you don't put the handle in the exact "right spot"? Don't expect your renters to take the time to figure out the quirks of your home...fix them. Don't put off getting on a contractor's schedule this month. If you hesitate, you might find yourself fitting into Augusta's contractor schedules in May. That extends to painters, landscapers, upholsterers, roofers, etc... If you think you need a piece of furniture, make your way into the showrooms to be sure that you have delivery of any special order items in time for the tournament as custom pieces can sometimes take 8-10 weeks. This is the week of solidifying any and all items that require help from the outside, so jump on your task list, star all items that require an outside "specialist". Don't know who to hire? If you're a Facebook user, that is a great way to poll friends for great recommendations. So poll, go and see the work of your friend's contractors and get yourself on those coveted schedule spots.


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