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What makes a good photo?

Your home's listing is your ticket into the rental market. Good photos take a bit of work...hiding clutter, choosing the perfect time of day, seeing your home with fresh eyes. In the photos below, you can see what a difference an angle makes.

Before you begin taking photos of your rooms, walk around your house and note what time the sun is most pleasant in the room. You may have to walk around the room, taking pictures from each angle. As you can see in the pictures above. the lighter shot draws you into the room and makes you want to stay there while the dark shot seems a bit stifling. Temporarily move clutter out of photos. Remove pets and children, highlight the prettiest things but allow viewers to see the breadth of the room. Carefully review your pictures before posting them...are you featuring trash cans? Tissues? Could you use a filter to warm up the photo, prior to posting? Remember, your viewers can only see what is in front of them so make each photo count!


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