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Should I wait to take my pictures?

I am often asked, "Should I wait to take my pictures and list my house? We are going to... new furniture...remodel the kitchen...spruce up the outdoor furniture..." My response is usually a firm NO. Most of the rental sites allow you to update your photos, and once your project is complete, you should immediately do so. But, if you hold off on listing your home until every detail is in place, you are missing potential renters who are looking today, right now, as you are reading this. No one has a photo-ready home prior to rental week. But your camera angles may allow you to showcase your home in the best light while you take the time to do updates in time for your renters. If your outdoor furniture is a bit "under the weather", stage it with pretty pillows from inside the house and shoot it from a distance, placing lots of pretty plants in the vicinity. If the kitchen will get a remodel, shoot the most flattering angle of your current kitchen, taking ALL clutter away and give the viewer a bright and sunny piece of the whole. "But my remodeled kitchen will bring in more rental money." Maybe not the first year. Or go up toward the direction you are looking to move your price as you remodel this year and then firmly the following year, once your pictures can reflect the "after photos". The next blog will cover home improvements that often bring more money to a rental property. But for now, rest assured that getting your house onto the rental sites with the best pictures you have at the moment is critical to opening the doors to renting!


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