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What to do now.

"Ah...the cool days of fall. And Masters is SO far away, so why worry about it? And anyway, I don't even know if I'll be rented, so..." Such thoughts have crossed my mind in years past and I've lived to regret it and kicked myself for not doing things in a timely manner. These fabulous temperatures will not repeat themselves until spring, when you will be far too busy to tackle the kinds of spaces you should be tackling now. Do you have outdoor sheds or storage? Take a weekend and clean them out, sweep them out, spray for bugs, and reorganize them to hold things you may want to store during Masters. What on earth would you store? Remember your house should be pristine for your renters, so you may find yourself hiding less than stunning extra seating that is fine for your kids but not for guests. Is there space for outdoor toys that need to vanish that week? Is the garage organized and where will you store your family items that you've learned to live with (bikes along walls, stacked coolers, sports equipment, etc...) but your renters will find a bit cumbersome? Figure this out while you have the time to do so. Then hit those unairconditioned attics and create space to store your personal items during the switch. The easiest way to give your renters drawer space in your bedrooms is to clear two drawers per room into a laundry basket and stack your baskets in your attic. Make room for this now. If you rent, you will thank your fall self for doing some wonderful fall cleaning and preparation for your rental week. So take a deep breath of this crisp air, and hit your storage spaces!


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