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Based on the book: 

It's time to list!

School is back in session, the summer is coming to a gradual end and the tournament seems far, far away but it is actually the time to list your home for the longest market exposure you can get. Hopefully your yard is in full bloom, your outdoor spaces are looking great, and the sun is highlighting your rooms in a very favorable light. It's time to whip out those cameras and shoot photos of your yard while it is still in bloom.

The southern sun is difficult for even the hardiest of plants. If your pots or window boxes are looking wan, don't hesitate to toss out the parched and bring in the fresh, prior to taking photos. You want your yard to look very appealing in each photo.

If you have a pool, be sure to shoot it in the most favorable light. You may want to include colorful chairs and pillows as well as a fresh pitcher of lemonade and glasses. Pick a day when the sky is beautiful and the pool is lit from the side, not directly overhead. Early morning and late afternoon sun can provide more gracious lighting.

If you are new to Augusta or new to the idea of renting, you may wish to purchase the book or schedule a home visit where I can assist you with thinking through a Masters rental. You can find out more here. If you are ready to proceed, here is a list of companies I have dealt with:

Masters Housing Bureau

1 Tenth Street,

Augusta, Georgia



The Masters Housing Bureau is sanctioned by the Augusta National Golf Club.

Tournament Housing

Physical Location:

607 Fury’s Ferry Road, Martinez, GA 30907

Mailing Address:

339 Fury’s Ferry Road, Suite 3

Martinez, GA 30907


Corporate Quarters

332 Baston Road,

Martinez, Georgia 30907 706-860-6646

(Be wary of using Craigslist or listing with companies that do not have a presence/office/representative in Augusta. Your home is too valuable to assume that risk.)


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