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Serene Spaces

One of the goals of staging a home for sale is to create serene spaces. Our daily lives within our homes rarely reflect calm and quiet, but most buyers are hoping to encounter a space that makes them feel that the potential for rest is evident. The same goes for those searching for a golf rental. Try to see your room through a lens. As a photographer, I am always seeing balance of light and weight, the play of symmetry, and the arrangement of furniture which draws one in.

This home shows before and after shots of the living room and bedroom. The home had very good lines but most of the rooms had too much furniture and too much clutter. The owner stored the pieces I asked her to store, and we rented a few pieces which created a more modern and inviting look. The home recently sold and those pieces were easily returned to the rental agency. Much of the cost of staging can now be deducted from her sale, making the task of staging a very rewarding one.

I am currently working on a home that will go on the market in about a month. This couple understands the need to prepare a home for sale by creating spaces that easily sell. We are painting, repairing, and refreshing prior to photographing and listing. I am quite confident they will reap the rewards of their dutiful preparation. The home will be move in ready and a joy to show. They did not do the harder path of "seeing how it goes and then staging". That often creates a stale listing which is harder to sell the second go round.

Staging pays. Let me know if I might help you create a perfect listing with serene spaces.

Laurie Easterlin is a home stager and professional Masters preparation specialist. To learn more about her services, please visit:

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