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October is here, signaling the end of time to list your home for Masters Week. Many agencies begin the annual listing process in August. If you've not done your paperwork and photos, it's important to get it done now. It's a good idea to list your home in several places, in order to broaden the chances that your home will rent. Be sure to take good pictures of your home. Once you plant your fall flowers, take outdoor pics while the flowers are fresh and vibrant. Take note of the times that each room in your house gets the most favorable light. You will find that morning or late afternoon are usually preferable to midday's overhead lighting. Remember, you want potential renters to see a warm and welcoming set of pictures. (If you are unsure of your skills as a photographer, I would HIGHLY recommend Joe Bailey Real Estate Photography for VERY affordable photos. Click HERE for info.

If you are new to Augusta or new to the rental market and feel unsure of the requirements of renting, you can download my Masters preparation book

or I can come to your home and do a walk through with you, going room by room and explaining "best practices" for a seamless rental. Oftentimes we can create bedrooms out of offices, or outdoor spaces that are more user-friendly to larger groups. If you've just moved into the area, I can help you set up your home from the start with a yearly rental in mind. The furniture and decor, bed size and room design can all impact the amount of money a rental can bring in each year. A bit of thought on the front end can yield thousands of dollars in rental income.

Throughout the next six months, this blog will walk you through the important steps and tasks to not only create a successful rental, but allow you to get and keep your home in the best shape for you and your family. Enjoy the ride we lucky Augustans enjoy!

Rental agencies I have listed with:

The Masters Housing Bureau

1 Tenth Street, #120

Augusta, Georgia 30901


The Masters Housing Bureau is sanctioned

by the Augusta National Golf Club.

Tournament Housing

Physical Location:

607 Fury’s Ferry Road

Martinez, GA 30907

Mailing Address:

339 Fury’s Ferry Road, Suite 3

Martinez, GA 30907


Corporate Quarters

332 Baston Road

Martinez, Georgia 30907


(Be wary of using Craigslist or listing with companies that do not have a presence/office/representative in Augusta. Your home is too valuable to assume that risk. Also note, many insurance agencies require a rider to cover your home during Masters week as it is a short term rental situation. Be sure your home is covered!)

Laurie Easterlin is a home stager and professional Masters preparation specialist. To learn more about her services, please visit:

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