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The Place to Play

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Oftentimes I am showing clients homes that have....drum roll here...WALLPAPER. There actually was a time when wallpaper was, well, hip. But not so much anymore. However, designers are still creating wallpaper and there really, truly is a place to play.

I consider a powder room to be the fun jewel of the house. It is the place where you can play with decorating dollars and not break the bank. Absolutely LOVE a wallpaper you saw in a magazine but it's wildly expensive? Use it on one wall of your guest bathroom! Love fun lighting? This is your place. And with the amount of peel and stick options these days at places like, with a bit of patience and a good surface, most homeowners can easily tackle this task.

Amazon has wonderful bathroom faucets. I recently redid a bathroom where the owners simply could not redo the gold trim on their spa and shower edges to any other color. I scoured the internet, coming up with these fun waterfall faucets.

They got to keep their gold trim and we redid things in the room that were more easily tackled, like bringing in fun gold-edged mirrors that completely updated their 1985 bathroom. As a decorator and stager, I strive to update without breaking the bank. The affordable changes I did in that house pleased the owners so much, they decided NOT to list their house and move away! has a fantastic article today, click here, on some fun and interesting powder rooms. Remember. They are easily changed, and with peel and stick wallpaper, can be done on a whim for those of us who just LOVE to play with design...but also need to eat. ;)

Laurie Easterlin is a realtor with Keller Williams Augusta Partners, a home stager with Staged2aTee, and a golf rental preparation specialist. She can be reached below:


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