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The End of February? Follow Your Nose

As the end of February draws near, this is the week to tackle all things hidden, beginning with....smells. Once the month of March begins, you'll need to create a home that does not smell of fried foods, ethnic foods, and other strong food scents. If that is a love for your family, the weather has finally permitted outdoor preparation. Move your frying to your grill and shut the doors to your home very tightly when cooking outdoors. Although you may find the strong smells of herbs and flavorings a very welcome scent in your home, visitors may not. Several agents have said that smell can make or break a renter's experience. This is also the time to rent or purchase a carpet cleaner and get those carpets free of pet dander and smells. If you have draperies, they too can hold the smell of oils, spices, and even cigarette smoke. Most carpet machines come with an upholstery attachment to deal with draperies. Be sure your home smells fresh to incoming renters. This is also a good time to replace air filters and vacuum the inside of your vents. Next, it it time to tackle "the world below". Have family members assist you in moving the larger items like couches and beds and sweep, mop or vacuum underneath them. Take a rag and clean behind every commode. Take your indoor trash cans outdoors on a sunny day and clean and sanitize them and allow them to sit in the sun to dry. Look at every room from the eye level of a kitten and clean every place you could possibly see. If you have bedskirts, you may want to launder these, and while you have your beds stripped, vacuum every part of your bedding, including the mattresses and framing. Now take a bird's eye view of your home. Bring a step ladder into each room and tackle your fans, fan lights, cobweb corners, top shelves, tops of paintings, curtain rods...all of the things you don't see. Everyone knows the feel of a home that is clean from top to bottom. The cabinets shine, the light fixtures are glowing, each room smells fresh and welcoming. This is the week to consider those things that don't often get considered in our busy lives. And remember, your preparation this Spring will create a beautiful space for your family to enjoy all year long. Remember to "like" the site on Facebook to get the blog delivered to your feed. Click HERE. Need help with your rental? Laurie Easterlin is a home stager and professional Masters preparation specialist. She is available for in home visits, or if you are a DIY style renter, purchase the book at!


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